Whale Shark Experience

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Whale Shark Experience

Allimite invites you to live the experience of swimming with whale sharks

In summer, hundreds of whale sharks swim to the Caribbean Sea, near Cancun, to stay and feed on Plankton.

Our boats motor boats leave every day from Cancun to reach the whale shark area, between Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox. Our experienced bilingual guides will make your whale shark swimming or whale watching experience the highlight of your vacation.

We allow you to swim with the whale sharks as many times as you want. We stayed in the whale shark watching

area for approx. 3 hours.

Very safe trips and excellent service: our professional guides will make sure you feel safe and have the best view

of the sharks whale. Even if you are not an experienced diver or if you are not so comfortable swimming, the guide will make swimming with the experience of the whale sharks Unforgettable, they will make you feel safe and adapt to your level.

Great opportunity to swim with blankets and observe dolphins. We take you to the best boats, to the 4-stroke

eco-engines with our captains with much experience! They will make your boat ride very enjoyable and try to spot dolphins, turtles and stingrays along the way. If we are lucky and we detect manta rays, we will allow you to dive with them and enjoy these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

We provide high quality equipment: you will be provided with full snorkel equipment.

The trip includes breakfast / lunch and snorkeling at the local Isla Mujeres reef. When we arrive at the pier, we will have a light breakfast ready for you, and during the day we have bottled water, sodas and sandwiches in the boat. When we finish with the snorkel, we will have a Caribbean lunch in the beautiful

waters of Isla Mujeres to complete this incredible experience.

Various prevention against seasickness available for free: some people suffer from dizziness on boats. We do everything possible to prevent this happens to our guest. To ensure you have the best whale shark viewing experience, we offer free prevention, such as dramamine. If in the unlikely event you still get dizzy on the boat, our guides are trained

to make you feel better.


7.30 - Pick up from your hotel in Cancun (6.30 Playa Del Carmen, 5.45 Tulum).

7.45 - Arrival at our meeting point at the boat peer in Cancun.

8.00 - Light breakfast buffet at the peer in Cancun.

8.15 - Departure from Cancun meeting-point Punta Sam harbor, our Certified Bilingual Guides will give you a safety briefing before we board our speedboats.

9.00 - We arrive in the whale shark watching area and we gear up to begin snorkeling. Two guests will swim with the Whale Sharks at a time, and they will be accompanied by a guide at all times.

We take turns and you can swim as many times as you want. We stay approximately 3 hours in the whale shark swimming area.

- We leave the Whale Shark watching area on our speedboats to go snorkeling at the Isla Mujeres reef.

12.30 - Snorkeling on the Coral Reef of Isla Mujeres.

13.00- Ceviche totopos guacamole, fruits and soft drinks in Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres (vegetarian food available on request.).

14.30 - Return to Cancun to take your included transportation back to your hotel or lodging.



  • Transportation is included in the price.

  • Transportation to and from any hotel in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera and Tulum is included The Whale Shark tour operates every day between May 15 and September 17, and is the world's favorite way to dive and swim with whale sharks in Mexico. Whale shark watching is guaranteed! If we do not see Whale Sharks, the activity is reprogrammed without any cost any day of the week, and if you do not want to reschedule 50% of the money will be refunded.

  • According to the regulations of the Mexican Conservation and Protection Services if there are less than 5 whale sharks in the area, we will only do sightings. If you see / observe whale sharks but can not swim with them, we will not refund your money.



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